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Database modeling method

2018-05-02 22:24:22

I am a "veteran bird" in the workplace for more than ten years, sharing my feelings and technical points, hoping to help people see less stepping on the pit.


Business modeling Any data represents a specific business, and to use data to generate value, you must first understand the business. Therefore, the first step of database modeling is to conduct business modeling, which is decomposed from the business level and refined to the most fine-grained.


Conceptual modeling On the basis of business modeling, business is abstracted to form some data concepts, according to which conceptual modeling is realized.


Logical modeling realizes logical modeling by logicalizing the conceptual entities and the relationships between entities in the conceptual model at the database level. At this time, various modeling methods are used, such as snowflakes, stars, etc.


After completing the above steps, the key issue is to implement logical modeling to adapt to different relational databases, and to consider some specific technical issues such as performance, this process is physical modeling.