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December travel guide

2018-03-27 14:24:12

In order to prevent being cheated in the process of travel, the early search strategy, but also printed a thick book to bring, but found nothing useful, including some notes on the notebook above, read less. Online guide to see my dazzling, most are repeating what others say: what to eat seafood to spring garden, seafood and fruit prices, bus routes, in fact, when you arrive, as long as you pay attention, will not be a problem. Let's cut to the chase. I will summarize my experience from the five aspects of food, clothing, housing, use and travel, hoping to give some humble advice to friends who are going or planning to go.


What should I wear to travel in December? It is still recommended to wear long sleeves at night, especially after 10 o 'clock or relatively cool, if the weak or old, you need to wear a long-sleeved thin coat to prevent the cold wind and cooling. For the bottom, you can wear pants during the day, because it is more convenient to go to the seaside, or wear pants at night, which is a little cool. In particular, good physique, swimming is no problem!!!! Ha-ha... Shoes are mainly sports shoes, slippers or waterproof sandals should also be brought, convenient for seaside and soaking. For women who love beauty, it is recommended to use dew-based face cream, water and oil-free foundation cream, transparent powder powder, blush. What do I need to bring for my December trip? The summary is as follows: during the day, especially when there is sun, not afraid, long-sleeved pants can be safe and sound; If you want to protect yourself from freezing at night, a light jacket is still a safe bet. For the elderly and infirm, it is advisable to bring knitted long-sleeved shirts, vests and trousers, which are the transitional clothes of the spring and autumn period in the mainland. If you are traveling, you should also pack the following items: beach slippers, sun hat, sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, and enough money. [Recommendation 1] : Just wear a pair of shoes, and then bring a pair of slippers. You wear slippers most of the time. If you take slippers too much trouble, wait to buy it, the first market has to sell, the price is 15 pairs, many styles. [Recommendation 2] : See you need to buy island clothes, women's very beautiful, men's make do to wear. 20 sets, I did not buy.


Food: Food - Eat local food, there are two restaurants near the second office building in the city is very good, one is called "Haiya", one is called "Li Guo". Signature dishes are shrimp sauce beef brisket pot, bean sauce fish, fried fat sausage (powder sausage), shrimp sauce "bean sauce" fried melon leaves (water spinach, beans, etc.), squid shrimp rice noodle pot, salted fish eggplant pot, etc., first-class taste. Local cuisines: Hunan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Shandong Food Street: Commodity street Commodity street Food street Food Guide to eat seafood: Spring Garden Seafood Square, Mingrun,168 seafood processing economy Eating method: Go to the first market to buy seafood, seafood processing can save a sum of money, processing fee 5-7 yuan. [Misunderstanding 1] : The online strategy has mentioned that you must eat spring garden seafood, but also repeat the address of Spring garden, to prevent the driver from cheating to some fake "spring yuan", "spring garden", "spring far" and so on. I have also been interested in looking for this spring garden, but in fact here is not imagined good. One of the features is to buy their own seafood, and then find processing, you do not think that since it is processed, it is of course cheap. In fact, generally add up, the processing fee is about 70-80, almost enough for you to eat a meal. Spring Garden sells seafood only a small row in the corner, processing accounts for 90%, to eat seafood, it is better to be followed by a group of processing bosses around the street. The seafood here is obviously more expensive and there is not much variety. We walked around, no consumption, turned to the spring Garden opposite a Korean barbecue, the price is affordable, said that Korean barbecue, in fact, there are a lot of seafood. [Recommendation 1] : Relative to spring Garden, road seafood processing is relatively good, in order to prevent taxi drivers from being pulled down to other places, you can choose under the Sea Moon Square, and then ask about it along the road, you can find (there are many sanitation workers on the side of the road, do not ask those who send leaflets), or you can take No. 6 bus, in the car a flight attendant on the line. There are many kinds of seafood here, it is recommended to choose a kind of seafood, ask how much price is cheaper in the first one, if the price is similar in another one, then the current market price is almost. Or you can find a processing owner and ask him to take you to buy. Don't worry about the processing boss will take a rebate, they also know we worry about this, so when buying things they never say anything, just after you say that it can be cheaper. Do not have to look at what the Internet said about the taste of 8 rows of 3 seats is very good, in fact, everyone uses the same hopper, the service is also similar, so much processing, so everyone in order to grab business, the service is OK. I was in the 11th row 3 sit to eat, the boss is good, the consumption of 71 yuan, the boss only charged me 60 yuan. The processing boss will be very glad that you buy a lot, because they can also receive the same processing fee, so enough is enough, generally go out to travel will not eat so much. [Recommendation 2] : Go without eating fruit, and can be used as a meal. The fruit in the first market is very cheap, which is good, and the first market can also buy island clothes, dry goods and the like (these things are nothing to bring, every city will have dry goods, island clothes, depending on what age you are, in order to let the name know that you are an alien species, you wear more eye-catching). [Mistake two] : The Internet says to buy fruit and seafood must bring a bottle of mineral water or a small spring scale, but in fact, you think carefully, in the street so many visitors, for a few two, you feel silly is not stupid. In addition to supermarkets, it is inevitable to buy things on the street, but the key is how short. Supermarket a catty Australian A&M 14 yuan, the first market a catty 6 yuan, the boss will not be silly to sell you a catty when 2 catty, so although the first market will indeed lack catty, but relatively speaking, it is still relatively cheap. But some fruits are still relatively expensive in the first market, watermelon. The best way is to buy less the first time, go to the supermarket when shopping, compare, and then choose where to buy more to take back. [Recommendation 3] : Unique small snacks are also good, roadside stalls are sold, the price is one yuan a, there is coconut, outside is glutinous rice, taste very good, but there is a little dirty. [Recommendation 4] : Roadside eggs are also very good oh, can not say how to do, the outside bread is all salt, quail eggs are 1 yuan 4, 1 yuan 1 eggs, it is very delicious, but not a feature, Tiantong Temple also has. [Recommended five]; Powder, the taste is very unique, the sauce is a bit like jelly, there is a fruit in the first market, 7 yuan a bowl, very good oh. [Recommendation six] : You can go to the roadside to eat barbecue in the evening, the general drink door roadside, the price is reasonable, the taste is also very unique, you can try when hungry, the special tomato garlic paste is very good. [Recommendation seven] : Of course, to eat less coconut, not read wrong, is "eat" coconut. The aunt of a family opposite the 6 road car is very good, help pick a relatively old coconut, and when we finish drinking, cut the coconut in half, get a spoon, the original coconut meat is so delicious. [Misunderstanding 3] : Don't think that betel nut can really get drunk, don't believe that eating betel nut can make teeth better, search the Internet, betel nut can also lead to oral cancer, but everything is two-sided, betel nut is really not delicious. The Internet says that you can't spit and spit betel nut, but in fact the red spots under the tree are betel nut water. It didn't develop to that level. [Recommendation 9] : Out of travel, it is inevitable to bring a lot of specialties back to relatives and friends, you need to plan how many people to give, not to find that the specialties are not enough when you come back, recommended area international shopping, there are many varieties of supermarkets, but also cheaper than the online recommended Wanhao supermarket


This was arranged at the Bay of Asia Pacific International Conference & China HNA Wine, five-star. Not bad, but compared to the other wine, still a little inferior. The price is RMB625, there is a double breakfast (buffet), generally the wine will be served until 10 o 'clock, so you can go to see the sunrise in the morning, walk by the sea, and then return to the wine for breakfast. Generally five-star wine has its own beach, will also provide breakfast. In fact, I think if the budget is sufficient, you can consider a five-star hotel. Some people will think this price is a little expensive, for me to analyze for you: 1 five-star wine environment is good needless to say, wine will have their own swimming pool, gym, these are free 2. Complimentary buffet breakfast RMB88/ person. Generally go out to play after breakfast do not have to eat lunch 3. Wine will have their own beach, easy to swim. There is no need to rent lockers (10 yuan/person and shower (10 yuan/person)) I have always divided travel and vacation into two areas: sightseeing, sometimes will be rushed, very rushed. But a vacation is often different, it allows you to relax and slow down your pace. Maybe you haven't been anywhere all day, just watching the sun rise and hanging out on the beach. It feels good. So if you want to have a good vacation, you might as well spend more than 2,000 yuan (in the pour not like the Internet said medicine to Wuzhizhou Island, West Island, cape. These tourist attractions are small differences, as long as you come, where you can see the sea, where is the beauty. So I feel, live a good wine, and then visit the surrounding beach every day, so it is enough, don't have to spend so much money to go to these tourist attractions, of course, don't go to regret, go to you more regret) Bay, Yadu can, see what kind of environment you want, the bay near this side is relatively quiet, the environment is also good, Yadu said the scenery is very good, but so, And far more inconvenient than bay traffic. Of course, if you have money, you can go to Wuzhizhou Island to live on it once, but don't expect too much, it is dark at night, and it is similar. If you do not have much money, you can also stay in some family hotels. But don't expect too much!