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Decoration doors and Windows should choose aluminum alloy or plastic steel good? I wish my family had chosen the wrong one!

2018-04-13 14:24:15

In the decoration, doors and Windows are a problem facing everyone, the first is mainly the decorative role, but also have to consider security issues, so what should be used better? Let's take a look! Now the appearance of doors and Windows on the market is different from the material, do not know how to distinguish this line and do not know how to distinguish, then let us talk about the difference between aluminum Windows and plastic steel doors and Windows. Steel Windows are usually suitable for ready-mixed low-rise residential buildings, often consumers of this grade of products for product quality requirements are not very high, and high-performance aluminum alloy Windows are suitable for various heights and various grades of buildings, and its quality and performance are more able to withstand the test of high standards. It is close to the energy-saving effect of traditional plastic steel Windows, but due to the difference in its material, plastic steel Windows are prone to deformation after a period of use. The sealing performance of plastic steel Windows is not as good as that of high-performance aluminum alloy Windows, and due to the strength of the material and the large difference in its wear resistance, the service life of high-performance aluminum alloy Windows is usually greater than the service life of plastic steel Windows.