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Diesel engine failure Part III: [3] Analysis of the causes of white smoke

2018-05-02 09:36:49

Three colors of diesel engines are common faults. White smoke is generally thought to be caused by water vapor or fuel vapor.


Diesel engine white smoke analysis


Diesel oil is not good. Low-quality fuel is not completely burned and evaporates.


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There is excessive water in the fuel, for a long time did not do daily maintenance, did not often go to the diesel tank sediment, resulting in too much water storage, rainy days the tank cover is not tightly covered or wash the car, water into the tank.


Cracks in the cylinder head channel. Cylinder gasket is damaged. Trace amounts of water enter the combustion chamber to form white smoke, check the tank to support the cylinder cushion.


There are cracks in the cylinder liner, and this failure occurs more in old cars. Due to long disrepair, the cylinder liner cavitation or water erosion is serious, and the spotted pitting water enters the combustion chamber, forming gray or white water vapor. The sound of water dripping into the oil pan can sometimes be heard at the refueling port when the cylinder liner is seriously leaking.

Matters needing attention


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