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Dinosaur Valley introduction and driving route

2018-03-20 14:24:00

Dinosaur Valley adhering to the "ecological, health, fashion, romantic" business principles, unremitting pursuit of the original source of the "secret soup" extreme spring environment, including theme parks, soup houses (guest rooms), conferences, top dining clubs, restaurants, SPA aromatherapy beauty health entertainment projects; Spring stone pavilions, flowers, trees, fruits and grass, the private enclosed area and open scene area are integrated into a group, is a first-class tourism and health resort.

Dinosaur Valley bubble pool introduction

Open-air garden large-scale theme, garden sitting-viewing ecological group, using the "secret soup" this highest structure. Including VIP garden, theme Dragon pond, health leisure, romantic couples and Nestle Forest five soup areas, the largest theme pool can accommodate 100 people at the same time.


The unique indoor landscape pool in Tangwu area, with panoramic view of sky, stone bank, water and vegetation, 24-hour personal service; Interesting architectural style, spacious space design, exquisite and comfortable supporting facilities and exquisite rustic interior products; Enter the independent stone stream channel in the open-air bubble pool area, the automatic access control system to avoid disturbance...... There are only more than 40 sets of different kinds of soup houses such as landscape double suites and ecological VIP rooms, and it is a high-end private luxury holiday paradise.


The introduction of foreign aromatherapy, massage technicians, to provide authentic, healthy SPA and Thai massage, and to reproduce the Qing Dynasty famous "Menghe Chinese medicine" palace traditional Chinese massage. It also absorbs the nourishment of volcanic minerals, extracts the essence of natural flowers and plants, and directly extracts the natural medicinal plants watered in the garden.


Nine Restaurant Club creatively integrates health, local, exquisite, and many other bright colors into the famous "new Huaiyang" cuisine in East China and continues to lead the way, but also elevates the food to a spiritual level and artistic height. The dining club outside the green shadow dancing, the inner Chen water stretch, but also enjoy the private graceful courtyard, clear wonderful scenery unique. "Fixed food" is carefully prepared by professional nutritionists and made of natural ingredients from water irrigation. It has a light taste and is pleasing to the eye.


Unique architectural style, spacious space design, exquisite and comfortable service facilities, surrounded by flowers and trees... With its combination with the park, it has become the only high-end business resort in the region that will harmoniously combine meetings, leisure and health. A total of five landscape conference rooms, including one, one and three, which can accommodate 300 people at the same time, are equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment, advanced audio, multimedia projectors and other complete business facilities and full-time banquet coordinators, which can fully ensure the success of the event.

Dinosaur Valley self-driving route

1. - Global Terror Leisure Tourism Area


A. Way: Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway - Jiangyin Exit -


B. Way: Yanjiang Expressway - Exit No. 12 (Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway exit) to exit No. 15


2, Direction - Global fear leisure tourism area


A. Way: Nanzhuangdou (elevated north to the end) - Hangning Expressway - (Yixing) Xiyi Expressway - Caoqiao get off the expressway, drive in the direction of the road sign "Wujin", get off the expressway and arrive at the city about 20 kilometers; (You can go north to the Yanjiang highway, go up the Yanjiang highway, drive 4 kilometers)


B, way: Nanzhuangdu (elevated north to the end) - Hangning expressway - (Yixing) Xiyi Expressway - (turn) Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway - (turn) Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, or take Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway - (turn) Zhajiasu Expressway - (turn) Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway


C, way: Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway - Exit 15 (Jiangyin exit) END