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Disadvantages of sound insulation of leafboard

2018-04-11 20:48:36

The disadvantage of acoustic insulation is that the effect is not very large, because the acoustic insulation of the car is a big system engineering, so it is certainly not very useful to rely on a single accessory. Of course, if you really feel that the noise is very obvious, adding a leaf board is also a good way to soundproof. But we must go to the more professional auto repair for installation, after all, this project is the need to disassemble the fender baffle, if improperly installed, when the car is driving in the bumpy road, it is likely to lead to the tire and blade lining "hard" situation. There are four types of sound insulation materials on the market, namely sound absorbing cotton (PET, PP), damping sheet, aluminum foil composite material and butyl rubber damping material. Among them, the largest use is butyl rubber vibration absorption and sound insulation cotton, mainly used for the body of the car vibration absorption, not only can play an effective sound insulation effect, but also has excellent thermal insulation performance.