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DNF national service will be on the line "Epic Road" two modes brush which good?

2018-04-07 01:36:45

Originally thought that around the Spring Festival will be on the epic road, did not expect the surprise came so suddenly... Briefly introduce the two modes of the epic road, that is, two maps, one is the free Silent Forest, and the other is the Forest of Desire that requires tickets.


You think free is no good, and money is good? In fact, on the contrary, according to the introduction, you can see that the free silence of the forest explosion rate is unknown, but only out of 90 epic, and includes jewelry special equipment, it can be said that as long as out, there is basically no spicy chicken, unless out to other professional weapons.


And the desire of the son, through the effect of the abyss of the vote can be unlimited entry, but I urge you not to pack too much hope, in fact, it can be understood as a high explosive rate of the magic cracks just, even out of the props are also 85-90 epic plus fragments, and the magic cracks are no difference.


The Silent Forest accumulates the number of days to obtain the epic, while the Desire Forest accumulates the number of votes to obtain the boundary stone. Can our choice is, as far as possible every day on the line to play the silent sen, not to mention the high explosion rate, the cumulative number of days can also get epic;


And the Son of desire, it is as a regular abyss map on the line, after all, the consumption of 20,000 votes can be replaced by two straddle stones, which is also the minimum guarantee.


In fact, brothers do not need to hurry, slowly brush on the line, after all, the activity time is as long as a month, how to say it can also liver a 2w ticket for a cross-boundary stone, the loss is certainly not a loss...


This epic road activity lasts for 1 month, as long as you brush 2W votes, you can get all the epic straddle stones, for the players who are equipped with 4, 1, 3 and 2, and even for civilians, it is a very big welfare!