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Do merchants use order assistants to purchase and deliver goods?

2018-03-18 20:48:25

Many businesses are off-hand order assistant to purchase goods delivery and other steps, the business is in the absence of supply in the open, so in the order, purchase, delivery will need to borrow the assistant to purchase, delivery, and off-hand order assistant version of the main advantage is that you can directly configure the network in the software, directly download synchronous orders to the software, can update the order number and delivery online, Greatly improve the efficiency of procurement and delivery, as for how to use the hand-off assistant to place orders, procurement, delivery?


Click Configure network button, pop up a small window, click Add shop; Pop-up window to enter the login background account and password, click confirm; The page automatically jumps to the authorization interface, click the confirm authorization button; Page automatic jump authorization completed; The specific screenshot is as follows:


Click Add buyer account; Enter PS: shopping can not, only support! Add the buyer account is for the convenience of follow-up, select the account can be purchased


Click the sync order button to synchronize the order PS: When the order is updated, if there is a specific order special information, you can enter the blank box for filtering (such as some specific information of brushing orders)


Set the purchase link; Click the set or batch set button to set up ps: The link is the product details link, that is, open the link that can be purchased directly. The specific operation is as follows:


Click the purchase button to purchase; PS: After clicking the purchase button, the page automatically jumps to match the product address, this process is automatic, please do not perform any operation on the mouse, otherwise it will cause the product address match failure! The page automatically jumps to the baby purchase page, select the color size of the product, click OK to pay for the purchase order, please confirm whether the color size is selected correctly


After the seller has delivered the goods, select the purchased and unshipped orders to find the orders, click the update tracking number button, and update the tracking number to the software;


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