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Does the computer heat up the room?

2018-05-14 00:00:57

Computer heat will certainly make the indoor temperature rise, I have been in the computer room dry for a period of time, it can be said that the computer room has air conditioning all year round in cooling, because the level of the computer room carries a regional network and communication guarantee.


As long as the computer is working, it will certainly generate heat, most of these heat are emitted by the CPU chip and graphics card GPU chip, other like memory and hard disk will also heat, but relatively speaking, the heat will be much smaller, at least without special active heat dissipation measures can run stably, and the CPU and graphics card cooling fan will generate heat to the outside of the chassis. Which will gradually raise the temperature of the room.


Different configurations of the computer heat will be different, 8 core heat is much higher than ordinary, if it is running at full load, the indoor environment is unchanged, the use of 8 core processor indoor environment temperature will increase faster, and the temperature will be higher.


If you are equipped with a high-end graphics card at this time, the heat will increase, if it is in the summer indoors to play games, do not turn on the air conditioning, then for a while full of sweat.


Therefore, the use of high computer must pay attention to the heat dissipation problem, not only the heat dissipation of the chassis, if the use of a long time, the indoor temperature will also affect the heat dissipation of the computer, so for a long time to work at full load must open the air conditioning to reduce the indoor temperature.


However, for some ordinary computers, such computers will not increase the indoor temperature much even if they work at full load, so most home computers and office computers do not have to worry about the indoor temperature increase when they are used.


Ordinary home computers even in the case of full high-speed operation, at most can make the temperature in the local space to increase, but want to improve the overall indoor temperature is impossible, so you can rest assured that this heat dissipation basically will not cause any impact.