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Drive life 6 How to use a sweep?

2018-05-14 01:36:24

Next bring you is driving life 6 sweep how to use, mainly explain driving life sweep download and install NIC driver method, in the case of computer without networking, how to download NIC driver? Of course, the use of driving life ~ The method is very simple, friends in need, please follow the steps below.




Driving Life 6


When the computer is not connected to the Internet, as long as your computer has a driver life, you can use the driver life to download the NIC driver. Open the drive life, on the right side of the interface there is a scan of the QR code, directly click to scan.


Click on the scan, a prompt box will appear, select NIC 1 or NIC 2, and then take out your, use the browser's QR code function or QR code function, scan the NIC driver into your.


After the scan is completed and the identification is successful, there will be a download page of the driver's life network card driver, which is the network card driver. Tips: It is recommended to download the NIC driver in the WIFI environment, otherwise the operator may charge related fees. Click Download, select the root directory, and then click local download, you can download the NIC driver installation package to the web.


Then the NIC driver installation package is transmitted to the computer without a network through the data cable, install the NIC driver first, the NIC driver installation is completed, the computer is connected to the network, and then use the driver life to detect the installation of other computer drivers.