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DWG Document Comparison Function How to use DWG document comparison method

2018-03-13 01:36:53

How do you compare two similar DXF documents? With the progress of the project, we need to compare the contents of the modified DXF document at any time.


How to compare the two DXF file repair difference? For the comparison and modification of DXF text view operation, we also need to use the relevant CAD editing tools to achieve. Download and search for CAD document editing tools.


About the CAD document view and compilation, we can use the CAd editor shown in the figure to achieve, open the corresponding DXF document, you can draw the tools in the list.


Of course, if we want to compare the volume of two DXF documents, I can switch to the TAB and use the file comparison operation. Here we can compare the contents of the document.


As shown in the figure, after opening the like interface, add two documents that you want to compare, and set the ratio parameter, as shown in the figure: The comparison effect of the document we can see the effect here.


Next, when the comparison parameters of the two compare DXF documents are finished, you can see the effect as shown in the figure, at this time, the data can be separated.


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