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Easy Trip to Hawaii

2018-03-02 17:36:00

Hawaii is beautiful, clear as the water of the sky shows a gentle blue, blossoming like pieces of white sails drifting in the wind, the green sea is different shades of beautiful colors, golden beach warm and peaceful, accompanied by the sea breeze waves to the beach, the sea breeze gently blowing on everyone's face, with a slightly intoxicated temperature, is pleasant and intoxicated. The bright sunshine gently covers the world, coconut groves, buildings and tall tropical plants shine together, the harmonious integration of nature and scenery is particularly charming, no matter where you walk, hold up the camera to take pictures of the beautiful scenery, walking in such a beautiful scene makes people have a feeling of melting.

Beautiful Hawaii Tour

Taken from an airplane, Hawaii looks like an emerald set in the sea


Hat Island, full of tropical island scenery


This is the famous Waikiki Beach, the most beautiful beach in the world


The street view in front of the liquor store where I live


Street view by the OUTLETS


Hawaii is a very vegetated place


I'm going to do it and dive into the water to see the underwater world


I finally got a chance to get in touch with them


The luxury white submarine cruise and the photos taken on the bottom of the sea cost 107 dollars, and the people who took the ride were greatly deceived, and the bottom was like a deserted beach to see the fish was really poor