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Easy yoga thin arm movement for women who do not go out for a long time at home easy thin arm

2018-02-19 12:48:00

Want to make your arms more graceful? Then do yoga to slim arms! Regular practice of lean arm yoga can help you reduce excess fat in your arms, and it can also help you shape the perfect arm line. The following slimming editor will introduce you to five kinds of thin arm yoga, not only simple and easy to learn and thin arm effect is very good!


1, the body is prone, the hands support the ground, the hands are shoulder-width apart, the toes point to the ground; 2, bend the elbows of both hands, while shifting the weight of the body to the right, the body to the right. 3. Hold for 10 seconds and then shift your weight back to the center, then to the left again. Do this for 5 minutes by moving your body back and forth from side to side. You can achieve the effect of thin arms. People who are just starting to practice this move may find it difficult, so you can get on your knees for support.


1. Stand with your head up, chest drawn in, hands holding the rope, palms up; 2, like jumping rope, jump up and wave your arms, catch the rhythm yourself, and continue dancing for two minutes. 3. You can also stretch your hands up and down, left and right, while bouncing. This motion fully engages the muscles of the arms.


1. Lie flat under the table and hold the edge of the table with your hands. 2, both hands pull up, pull the body close to the table, straighten the neck; Hold the motion for 1 minute; 3. Put your body down. Repeat the motion 20 times. This will work your back and biceps.


1, sit on the ground, feet together bend knees, feet on the ground; 2. Place your hands back about 30 cm from your hips, and point your fingers towards your hips; 3. Support the ground with your arms, lift your hips off the ground, then bend your left elbow and sink your hips close to the ground, but do not sit on the ground; 4. Bend your right elbow to do the same. Repeat with the left and right arms alternately for 1 minute.