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Eating seafood tips

2018-03-04 09:36:00

Must eat! Because the seafood is fresh, it is generally steamed or boiled to preserve the original taste of seafood. But this sweet and sour crab is my favorite way to eat, East fresh food stalls are concentrated in Huanghuagang Road, near the station, there is another in the embankment road.


White fried sea shrimp, deep-sea fried prawns, fried river shrimp I like not small, the head of a little symmetrical white fried more fresh, big meat is thicker, not so delicious. Relatively large like deep sea shrimp my mother likes to fry, put some salt and pepper, especially delicious ~


The fried squid cylinder must be small to taste, the bigger the less delicious. Braised Octopus with sauteed ginger, sauteed Octopus with sauteed ginger, sauteed Octopus with sauteed ginger, sauteed Octopus with sauteed ginger, sauteed Octopus with sauteed ginger, sauteed Octopus with sauteed ginger, sauteed Octopus with sauteed ginger, sauteed Octopus with sauteed ginger is also a local specialty. Speaking of sand ginger, but also to mention the above said natural food stalls, their home sand ginger is particularly fragrant!


Car snail mustard soup, car snail boiled cabbage, garlic steamed car snail mustard soup is the most common soup for the locals, especially in summer, to relieve the heat and solve the boredom, the most popular among the locals. The snail can also be used in a pot of Chinese cabbage, which is relatively fresh. Like the mouth is used to steam garlic paste, you can also add fans, the same very delicious ~


White fried shrimp paste, salt and pepper shrimp paste shrimp paste is wrasse urine shrimp, this small one is more delicious, the paste is more delicious, the paste is its seeds. The locals don't eat anything without paste, so it's called shrimp paste. This salt and pepper is also very delicious, I can eat a basin, but eat a basin of fingers is to waste - _ -!


White burn fragrant snails, salt baked fragrant snails pick small, small is more fresh, large expensive and not small delicious. It takes a little bit of skill to eat, or it's really hard to pick out. Skilfully insert a tooth signature into the mouth of the snail and gently turn in the direction of the snail's growth, you can pull out a large piece of meat, dip it in vinegar... That's fresh


Delicious, highly recommended! Many people have not seen this, China has only a few sea areas, quite expensive. Made of dry can be put for a long time, porridge pot soup put a few roots is particularly fresh ~ We often cook sand worm porridge for children to eat ~ or a small fire fried sweet, put some salt, with wine high-grade dishes ah ~ fresh can be steamed garlic fans, can also eat raw, just like eating fish, eat crunchy, or can also be used to fry white radish shreds what, anyway, how to eat this thing how fresh, It's expensive