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Elementary school students practice know-how

2018-03-26 20:48:11

There are many pupils whose handwriting is too sloppy for people to read clearly. Elementary school is the golden age to practice typeface. How can I help students write good fonts? Here are a few tips:


Number one: Slow down. Many primary school students in the homework, only the pursuit of speed, quickly finished can go to the game, so lead to scrawl font. So as a parent to check the child's homework in time, as long as the font is not neat, let the child to do it again, be sure to correct the child's attitude.


Second: basic strokes. Teach the child the basic strokes such as horizontal and vertical strokes, and write these basic strokes beautifully first.


Third: copy. Tracing and copying are very important means for primary school students to practice the font, and some primary school students do not know how to write neatly in the interframe structure of the font. Find a calligraphy post suitable for students' age, buy copying paper, and let the child copy it.


Number four: Fixed time. According to the child's age and attention characteristics, give the child a fixed time, such as 7:00-7:15 every night. Fixed time is conducive to the formation of children's habits, the formation of conditioned reflex, and the cultivation of students' interest in calligraphy.


Fifth: Don't take too long. Especially in the beginning, the time should not be too long. Too long is easy to make elementary school students have aversion, and children's muscles are easy to ache.


Sixth: Pay attention to the child's sitting posture, three a "one inch one foot one fist", "head is straight, foot safe", I hold the pen posture should also be reminded from time to time.


Number seven: Appropriate rewards. When children successfully complete tasks every day


I wish every child can write a good font, good font help a good future !!!!