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Epson r330 does not recognize the supply cartridge solution diagram

2018-04-12 12:48:50

Epson r330 will not recognize the ink cartridge after a period of time, the ink light is red, and it cannot work normally, so I specially remember the method and share it with you, so that you no longer have to be upset for these small problems.


Epson r330


First of all, determine whether it is because we do not recognize the problem of ink cartridges, let's open the device and printer page, the steps are as follows: win7 system method, click the start button in the lower left corner, find the device and printer and open, as shown in the figure.


After opening the device and printer page, find the r330 printer icon, double-click to open the task window, click the printer, and select the properties option from the menu, as shown in the figure.


After opening, find the preferences button on the page and click the printer setting page as shown in the picture. You can see that all the ink status has error signs, indicating that it is indeed caused by not recognizing the ink cartridge, as shown in the picture.


At this time, you can click the ink button on the printer, and the car will move to the place where the ink cartridge is replaced. At this time, press and hold the reset button on the ink cartridge bin for 15 seconds, as shown in the picture, and then press the ink key. If the ink is still red, you can restart the machine.


Some still can not, this is more important, some ink cartridge status on the computer display is can not find the ink cartridge, can not find the ink cartridge is this picture, as follows


Like this figure is because the ink cartridge is not installed well, there will be problems, we can take it out again, and then put it in, this is a skill, the whole is put in, the whole is gently pressed in, and then in turn on the ink above the ink bin, until you hear the card sound can be shown

Matters needing attention

If you do not recognize the cartridge, please reinstall the cartridge