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2018-03-15 03:12:40

It is a city divided into districts under the jurisdiction of the province, "ripples in which the eagle dances on it" and the city name, the middle reaches of the river is an important member of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city cluster. The Dragon Tiger Mountain in the territory is described in the beginning of the classical novel "Water Margin".


The geographical location. The city is located in the northeast of the province, the middle and lower reaches of the Xinjiang River. Facing the Pearl River, Yangtze River and southern Fujian, it is one of the important channels connecting the southeast coast of the mainland. Jurisdiction east county, county, west county, south county, north county, county, county, southeast corner and province county adjacent. The border is about 81 kilometers long from north to south and 38 kilometers wide from east to west.


Specialty food. Guixi capiche "Longhu Mountain dish" is the most distinctive dried vegetable. Sour, sweet, crisp, salty, spicy are prepared, color, aroma, taste.


Guixi wick cake "Longxingpu", a provincial and municipal Guixi time-honored brand, began in the Ming Dynasty, has a history of more than 400 years, was founded by the businessman Xue Yinglong who was doing business in Guixi at that time.


Jangan Jangan is a local folk specialty with a production history of more than 500 years. The main raw materials are cigar, chili, rice wine, sucrose and a variety of auxiliary raw materials. The product won the gold award of provincial new product and new achievement in 1997.


Scenic spots. Longhu Mountain Scenic area is located 16 kilometers south of the city, the birthplace and birthplace of Chinese Taoism, is described in the beginning of the Chinese classical masterpiece "Water Margin", known as the "Taoist capital of China". It is a national key scenic area, a national 4A-level tourism area, a national forest park, a national geopark, a national key cultural relic protection unit and a national agricultural tourism demonstration site, and many other brands in one, known as "Dongtian blessed land" and "fairyland on earth".


Jiquan peak is also known as playing broom ridge, also known as ridge Jian peak. Located in the north of the county Huangzhuang Emen village side. It is 310 meters above sea level and covers an area of 4.5 square kilometers. Here the mountains are lush, beautiful scenery, known as the "second peak".


Taofen former residence county is the hometown of Zou Taofen, a famous cultural standard-bearer after Lu Xun. Zou Taofen was born Zou Enrun in Yongan. In November 1908, 13-year-old Taofen returned home with his father for the first time, in his hometown for more than four months, Taofen lived in the county Fuqing Lane (now street) ancestral home, and received enlightenment education in private schools. The former residence of Taofen has been inhabited by descendants of Zou and is still well preserved.


Incense burner peak is located ten kilometers north of Mazu Rock, flat-topped round body, shaped like incense burner so named. Xianglu Peak stands firm, surrounded by the reservoir, mountainside cave, cave for the spring and Autumn Warring States rock tomb, here there are immortal cave, immortal temple, Qianzhang slope, test gallbladder wall, fairy pool, Huangniu Ling, checkerboard stone, there are springs above, small bamboo forest, ancient temple site.

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