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Essential travel tips

2018-04-18 12:48:36

Travel bits and pieces, and all kinds of skin care products have become a big problem, you still think about how to carry? Check out my little trick.


1. Wrap a variety of power cords and put them into the old glasses case.


2. Find an empty sugar box and put small items such as girl's hair clips. Not only is it easy to find, but it also prevents loss.


3, use the clip to hold the razor head, so that it will not scratch the clothes, but also protect the blade!


2, how to pack toiletries 1, if you want to take the whole bottle, it is best to put a layer of plastic wrap on the lid first to prevent overflow.


2, prepare straighteners, scissors, suction, paper towels and cosmetics to bring. Wrap the end of the suction with a paper towel and hold the end of the suction with a preheated straight clip for about 5 seconds. When the end is set, squeeze the makeup in. When it's full, grab the other end with a straight clip. Prepare the amount according to your own trip, when it is time, cut the suction head! One a day is just fine!


3, milky cosmetics, can be placed in the old contact lens case, easy to carry.


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