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Exhibition quotation system/Exhibition barcode quotation solution

2018-05-10 19:12:02

The exhibition barcode quotation system is the flagship product of Maiwei automatic identification, which is an advanced and fast way to complete the quotation in the exhibition hall or the exhibition site, and it can also be required that this system can be combined with the ERP currently used to achieve mutual access to the basic data.


Exhibition barcode quotation system, exhibition quotation system


Maiwei automatic identification exhibition barcode quotation system


Why do I need an exhibition barcode quotation solution? Many participating customers have a wide variety of products, every time to participate in the Canton Fair and foreign exhibitions will be displayed thousands of varieties, the salesman looks at these words, feel dazzled, but as a business person, and then give customers a quote not only to be clear about the price, but also to product specifications and information are very familiar. In the past, the exhibition was mainly with manual orders, oral introduction of manual work of the traditional quotation, the salesman must skillfully introduce the product style, color, price, etc., and even for different price terms and transportation terms, manually calculate the unit price, provide commission, discount and other tedious work, thus increasing the workload, waste a lot of precious time. At the same time, it is difficult to meet the requirements of quickly and accurately handling inquiries, orders and order statistics, so a large number of potential customers are also lost. Therefore, the exhibiting customers need a more advanced and fast way to complete the quotation in the exhibition hall or the exhibition site, and may also require that this system can be combined with the ERP currently used to achieve mutual access to basic data.


Solution: MaVI exhibition quotation system can solve the problem of instant automatic quotation, automatic generation of quotation, sample order and contract. By establishing a product archive database, combining wireless network and bar code scanning technology, the product code is automatically generated according to the product code, so as to unify the product, we just click the scanner, and the relevant details of the product will be displayed immediately in the data terminal. The system will automatically remind the same customer of repeated inquiries for the product. Completely bid farewell to the line constraints, manual input, computer shortage and many other restrictions, to achieve a few seconds to complete an order effect, so that exhibitors greatly improve the efficiency of quotation. Exhibitors efficient workflow, excellent management norms, will be favored by more customers, but also enhance the image of exhibitors.


Value and benefit analysis: barcode scanning to achieve fast and accurate quotation, in the limited time of the exhibition easily meet the customer's quotation needs; Detailed on-site data statistics, more convenient for the follow-up of key customers in the later stage of the exhibition; Improve work efficiency, product management standard, favored by domestic and foreign merchants, improve the overall image; For repeat inquiry customers, the system will automatically remind, to avoid the error caused by memory deviation, timely and accurately filter the risk customers, so that the exhibition quotation is more rigorous and standardized; Effectively contact more intended customers, product orders also naturally get a substantial increase.