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"Fantasy fairy" eight recluse armour guide

2018-05-08 09:36:09

In the fairy world of "Fantasy Fairy", Bamandun Jia is a fairy magic door that is difficult for fairy cultivators to understand. As long as the immortal can understand the true meaning of the Mendun armor, you can obtain the highest combat power bonus, greatly improve their own strength. Today, let's have a look at the game together!


Eight Dun Jia, as the name suggests, major in eight, respectively, open the door, Hugh door, birth door, injury door, Du door, scene door, shock door and death door. Players practice these eight, respectively, can correspond to enhance their own qi and blood, five elements, critical attack, attack, spirit, defense, tenacity, Fa damage several aspects of strength. In the game, players can begin cultivation after reaching level 55.


The "Fantasy Fairy" Eight Recluse armor panel can be opened in the character attributes panel. After opening the door, you can choose the corresponding door for cultivation. Cultivation needs to consume Sendo experience points (Sendo experience points are obtained by participating in the first Sendo meeting in the world). Therefore, saving enough experience points is the key point for the practice of Yamandoka.


The corresponding level of each gate brings the actual attribute effect. As their own door opening level is 1 level, the attribute Qi and blood increased by 60. After opening the door to raise the value of 2 levels, Qi and blood will increase by 120. That is to say, opening the door increases the value from level 1 to level 2 wisdom by 60 qi and blood, and the same is true of other doors.


Do you want to experience the endless mysteries of the Octopuses? If your answer is yes, then hurry up to "Dream Fairy" and practice the magic of the Eight-man Recluse!