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Fine jade collection six guidelines

2018-01-01 01:36:00
Jade collection market hot, more and more people to join the ranks of jade collection, boutique jade has been a good development situation, so, where to start? How can you buy jade with great appreciation potential? First, the first premise of jade collection is to look at the material, the jade material grade elements include luster, jade color, jade quality, uneven crack, stain, density and so on. Second, jade modeling is also an important factor affecting the value of jade collection, but also an important factor affecting the jade aesthetic, jade modeling requires symmetry and not stiff, only in this way can be regarded as a beautiful work. Third, the density, complexity, rules and structure of jade decoration are all factors that affect the appreciation value of jade. The structure and rules of jade articles with appreciation value are generally more harmonious and orderly. Fourth, the craft of jade requires fine and skilled, smooth and crisp workmanship, so as to have a point of view; The work is sloppy, and the shape is sluggish and weak, which will greatly reduce the collection value and appreciation value of jade. Fifth, jade can not blindly imitate ancient, empty body, and nothing else, that is not in line with the beauty of modern art, to show the artistic beauty of jade, you need to let it be vivid, both form and spirit; Sixth, antique imitation and innovation are two artistic forms of antique jade. Jade art form needs innovation, creative jade is worth collecting, but also to avoid entering the "new" misunderstanding.