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Fishing village tourism guide

2018-03-17 08:00:14

Today Xiaobian brings you a fishing village tourism guide, I hope to help you!






The island is the largest island in the province, is a county under the city, and Taiwan across the sea, is the mainland and the closest Taiwan island, only 68 nautical miles. The existing cross-sea bridge can be directly on the island, without ferries, and it is very convenient to drive.


Here the air, the sea clear blue, the island a lot of small attractions, we only went to one day, the day did not live on the island, from south to north, went to: General Mountain, Tan South Bay, sea altar, bay sand sculpture park, island National Forest Park, fairyland, half ocean stone sail. Not many people went on National Day.


1, General Mountain: In March 1996, when the Chinese People's Army held a joint operation exercise of the army, navy and air force in the Taiwan Strait, more than 100 generals climbed the mountain command and review, and now there is a monument to the exercise. General scenery of the mountain, but the top of the mountain has a wide view, it is an excellent seascape viewing platform, and there are linear sky, cliff stone carvings, stone forests and so on. The entrance fee is 10 yuan.


2, Tan Nan Bay: here the beach is clean and delicate, you can lie down everywhere, sleep on the sea, the sea is also very clear, and you can see small fish shuttling in the water from time to time. 3, Haitan: is a collection of shopping, food, play as one of the ancient style of the ancient architectural complex, from the Tan South Bay and bay is very close, after playing in other attractions, you can come here to taste Minyue special snacks. There is no admission fee.


4. Sand Sculpture Garden: It is in the Bay Beach, which is close to the county seat and has more people. The ticket is 50 yuan. 5, National Forest park: is an ordinary park, nearby residents to take a walk. There is no admission fee. 6. Fairyland: It is the most beautiful of many scenic spots, and you can see the beautiful scenery. It is mainly composed of fairy well and Fairy Valley. Admission is 15 yuan. 7, half ocean stone sail: two large stones like sails in the sea, the road sign is written "stone plate ocean", far away from other scenic spots, the scenery is single. Stone sail is not far from the coast, standing on the shore can see, such as up to take a speedboat 45 yuan round trip.

Matters needing attention

When you travel outdoors, be sure to pay attention to safety!


There is everyone out, if with children, must look good children oh!