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Five Bedroom changes to boost your romantic luck

2018-02-19 17:36:00

Want to create a romantic atmosphere is actually very simple, now tell you some home layout of the small way, you can enhance their romantic atmosphere! And make your relationship sweet!


Water, lights,


If a person can not sleep well for a long time, it will be angry, in general, anger is easy to bad breath, and a person who has an odor when he opens his mouth, is usually not charming charm. In traditional feng Shui, it is believed that sleeping badly is that the fire energy of the head or bed is too high, so that your head and nerves can not cool down, so you may put a cup of water in your bed (cold water can not use hot water), and it is best to use a magnetic cup or pottery cup to hold water.


Install a spotlight on the top of the vase at home, when you are bored and not quiet, to concentrate your spirit to accept the beauty of the flowers under the light, let the strong beauty of the spotlight to replace the bad information on your God, naturally you will have a good mood, and a beautiful heart, people who want to have love may wish to start from the beauty.


There are many cold highlights and iron and aluminum window frames in the home, which is its muscles and bones, you think that if you face such a living environment every day, your heart will not be soft, and I believe that your love will be exhausted. You can install curtains in these places (the effect of curtains is better than the window) or put a few POTS of soft plants on it, so that your soft heart will increase, so that you can increase your gentle temperament, and have a good marriage.


Awaken your "estrous hormone" red, orange, yellow and other colors, on people's emotions and vitality, is the most stimulating and catalytic function, you can put some warm color on the table, hang a warm color picture, wear warm color clothes, as long as you can arrange these catalytic love energy at home (color message), The (love message) in you will never deteriorate and you will always have the opportunity to connect with others.


You can put a vase on your bed, insert three peach blossoms on the vase, and then say your name and the name of the person you like before going to bed, so for seven days, you will have unexpected effects, if there is no specific object, you can also increase your chance of peach blossom. Conclusion: There are always people complaining about their life is not a peach blossom relationship road twists and turns, but they do not know that the improper bedroom arrangement is likely to have violated the auspicious feng shui of the home, become the culprit of your single fate. In the Singles Day approaching, teach you some help to enhance the luck of love home layout, I wish single you say goodbye to the curse of singles as soon as possible.