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Five interview questions to deal with

2018-03-17 06:24:24

To be honest, the following questions are plain barking questions that you probably won't encounter in an interview. But when people "find" the door, you can only try to deal with him. So what are the interview skills you need to master when facing these tough questions?


With no work experience, do you think you are suitable for our requirements?


Stupid answer: But you are here to recruit new college students ah.


I heard that there was a tiger cub who was refused outside the hunting enclosure because he had no hunting experience. Do you think it is possible for him to grow up?


Why are you applying for auditing when you're a philosophy major?


Stupid answer: You have explained that "no majors", so I want to try.


It is said that the inspiration of laymen is often more than that of experts, because they have no fixed thinking, no rules and regulations.


The reason why I am looking for a job across professional disciplines is to provide myself with such a motivation, so that lifelong learning will not be eliminated by society.


That suit you're wearing doesn't look very good!


Stupid answer: What I wear doesn't affect my performance, and I don't have a job and can't afford a better one.


Yesterday I was walking by with money to buy a suit. I found two sets of books that were important to me and might help me with my interview today. So I spent the money I had scraped together to buy a suit.


You've been talking to me for half an hour. Have you seen anything?


This question has no intention, is to see if your ideas are novel, can impress him. You can answer whatever you want. There's no one answer.


Stupid answer: I see the table, the floor, you and me...


Wonderful answer: Nothing new, but your room is particularly messy.


If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want inscribed on your tombstone? The examiner is really asking you, what do you hope to achieve in your life? Stupid answer: found a good job, found a good husband and so on "wife and child hot kang" type of "life ideal", or please rest in peace, I am a good person and other empty words. A: I've worked in many different industries in my life, and it's been very satisfying.