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Five perfumes for teens

2018-02-18 22:24:00

Perfume is an important factor to enhance the image and temperament of boys, now more and more boys begin to choose to use perfume, but many small partners do not know how to choose their own perfume. Today, Xiaobian will recommend five suitable perfumes to those teenagers.




Perfume 1: Issey Miyake's Water of a Lifetime Issey Miyake's Water of a Lifetime is known for its unique bottle design, noble and timeless. Its top notes are water lilies, rose perfume and primrose, with a plant-like scent. Medium notes of flowers, blooming and lily formed light elegant fragrance. The main tone is full of forest smell, formed by the flowers long and long flavor.


Fragrance 2: Kenzo's Love of the Wind This light and vibrant note combines grapefruit and refreshing mint with a beautiful base of cedar. Its faint ripples create wavy bottles and boxes, as well as a new visual identity. Perfect for young boys.


Perfume 3: Bvlgari AQVA Bvlgari Perfume has a unique round bottle body design that brings vitality and a feeling. This eau de toilette for men is also loved by most men. Aquatic fragrance fragrance, into the masculine atmosphere of amber wood, showing the dynamic and resolute temperament of men. There is also a natural Marine atmosphere mixed with the sweet orange, bringing vitality to people. Medium and steady young meat is perfect for this perfume.


Davidoff Cold Water The packaging of this perfume is designed to recall a lot of blue things, waves crashing on rocks, jeans, blue Mosaic tiles. The most essential characteristic of this fragrance is the biting, which is a kind of skillful wrapped in a certain sweetness, but there is a sense of distance. Perhaps this is the biggest charm of this fragrance, the simple taste can seamlessly connect with various scenes. It's perfectly fine for young meat.


Fragrance five: CK One SummerCK One Summer let people experience the boundless enthusiasm and pleasure of the beach dance, but also let people enjoy the summer sun, beach and sea, relax all the feeling organs, giving people a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. This fragrance creates a summer fruity citrus note for both men and women.

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