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Floor tile which good

2018-04-10 14:24:42

The use of the floor bid farewell to the era of cold winter and cool summer tiles. The simple and elegant floor has become the only choice for many users who pursue taste. So what are the advantages of the floor over the tile? Here Xiaobian will give you details.


In terms of color, the floor color is more natural and soft, which can not only create a harmonious and warm family atmosphere, but also its color is more gentle and can prevent children from myopia. In terms of comfort, the floor is better, and the floor feet feel better.


In terms of construction funds and working hours, floor paving has fewer problems, easy construction, less time consuming, even if there are problems maintenance and replacement are relatively simple, unlike ceramic tiles in addition to the problem is difficult to define responsibility, complex maintenance. And the floor can be used twice.


Not open air conditioning in summer or use heating in winter, due to the floor's strong warmth and low specific heat capacity, the floor has no small advantage in saving energy costs.


In terms of safety, especially friends with old people and children at home. Compared with tile, the floor is softer and gentler, and the protection of the elderly and children is a step closer.


In terms of care and maintenance, the floor is now as convenient as tiles, and the solid wood composite floor should not be too dry in winter.


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