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Flooring products four popular trends

2018-04-20 03:12:57

The competition in the external market of flooring has intensified, resulting in many flooring manufacturers to constantly innovate products to seek a way out. Let's take a look at the four major trends of flooring products in 2011.

Four fashion trends

Creative highlight 1: non-mainstream board processing In the pursuit of personality in the era, the traditional board processing skills can no longer meet people's needs, so a variety of styles of non-mainstream board texture has been developed by designers. Compared with the mainstream smooth and flat traditional board surface, the non-mainstream floor can be more decorated with various special visual effects, so as to meet the psychological needs of different groups of people.


Floor products creative highlight 2: floor scar into decoration From the traditional point of view, the floor is not scarred is a good quality performance. In fact, where the tree is scarred, it is the strongest place. From this exhibition, we see that many floor merchants have developed new products with scar beauty as a selling point, careful taste, scar is a natural embodiment of the uncarved, is the strongest display of trees. The beauty of this product has long been accepted by Westerners, but it will take time to circulate.



Flooring products creative highlights three: a whole set of home products experience flooring enterprise cross-border has been in full swing in the industry, cross-border can not only make full use of, but also let the enterprise expand profit growth point. In the home experience museum, visitors can enjoy the floor at the same time can also enjoy the doors and Windows, wardrobes, beds and other supporting furniture, increasing the visitor's visit experience.


Floor product creative highlight four: on-site violence test floor performance testing is often only the surface of the effort, few companies can do violence to test the performance of the floor. In this exhibition, some merchants directly used violent destruction to destroy the physical properties of the floor, and also invited visitors to do experience testing. Although the floor is damaged, visitors can feel what kind of violence can destroy the floor, which can also prove the performance advantage of a floor. END

Matters needing attention

As the backbone of the global flooring manufacturers, China's flooring manufacturers are also beginning to adjust their strategies and actively face the new demand created by market changes. Then the arrival of this new era also brings a series of tests to flooring enterprises: On the one hand, the upstream raw material shortage and the increasing cost pressure, on the other hand, the financial real estate policy environment is a lot of ups and downs, unpredictable, in the face of foreign market enterprises shout from "sell out" to "go out", in the face of the market, flooring enterprises should take what as the fulcrum, out of the road to development?