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Florence Game Guide

2018-03-01 06:24:00

Let's see how Florence works.


There is a progress bar need to operate: the game will have a lot of progress bar operation, brush your teeth, click the alarm clock, do not need other strategies, as long as click or drag, so that the progress bar is completed you can continue to the next game.


When playing, try to choose a gentle tone: when playing with my mother, there will be options, and I choose the options that are more along with the mother's speech, but it seems that it should not be related to the plot behind, and choose which has no relationship.


Painting has no influence on the requirements: there is no rigid requirement to recall the painting of childhood, only need to use the brush to fill in the colors as much as possible, and then you can skip to the next step, so don't be too entangled in what pattern I want to paint.


The scale needs to be clear (so far as it appears) : If the scale is used, both of the two should be rotated, the top one to the right and the bottom one to the left. Some fine-tuning is needed to adjust it until the tick appears at the bottom of the screen (the picture is the clearest one).


In addition to fighting, other puzzles can be slow: when the male and female protagonists need puzzles, when they quarrel, they need to fight faster, and it doesn't matter at other times, especially when they just met more sweet, this time there is no need to pursue the speed of the puzzle.


When putting things, remember to put toys and photos on it: not the boyfriend to live in or move out, remember a few more important things, toys belonging to boys, record players, including the drawing board, and photos of two people, and other things are not relevant.


The final clearance screen: the final game is a thank you interface, after the clearance, we can still go in from any scene that has been cleared to restart the whole game process, or more fun.