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Foodie travel notes

2018-03-05 03:12:00

Although it is small, the restaurant is full of rice, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, Shandong, Zhejiang and other major cuisines, halal, Western food and so on. The most attractive is that Beibu Gulf is one of the four major fishing grounds in China, seafood is complete, fresh and fresh, eat now, all kinds of seafood restaurants, the beachhead of the sea are a good place to enjoy food, the most famous place to eat seafood is the well-known Waisha seafood island, eat seafood, view the sea view, the wine in the wind, the sound of the waves, each in the wonderful, beautiful. Human eating has four characteristics: can eat, sea eat, dare to eat, beautiful eat. All the year round Shanzhen seafood, jade grain, all can eat the import into the stomach is not wrong; It tastes good and is not polite, and has the reputation of "tripe"; Poisonous "turtle fish" pufferfish) according to eat, quite "dare to be the first in the world" said. Eat fish people love to eat fish is famous, three meals a day, which meal is missing fish, feel that porridge rice is tasteless. The taste of fish is also related to the freshness of the fish, the raw one is the first, the unfrozen one is the second, the quick-frozen one is the second, and the frozen one is the lower. If you arrive at first, chat more with the housewife, more on the old family guest, slowly will eat more sea fish. Everyone loves to eat fish is sand swordfish, with it boiling soup or steaming, braising, frying, fried, delicious and delicious, the most often eaten is sauerkraut stew fish. There are two kinds of fried fish, one is fried mackerel, the other is fried yellow fish. Steamed fish, the most commonly eaten are steamed longli, steamed dog li, steamed plaice, steamed with shredded ginger or garlic steamed especially delicious. People like salted fish, like people like mustard. There are many varieties of salted fish, and red fish Bacang pork is regarded as a delicacy by people, and "red fish Bacang pork without salt and oil" is still hanging on people's mouths. Chicken rice Chicken rice (selected local chicken, skin yellow meat white bone red, delicious and smooth taste) The so-called "chicken rice" refers to the boiled boiled chicken duck and goose soup added to the fat extract from the slaughtered chicken duck and goose cooked rice. This rice is full of delicious smell of poultry meat, unique, sweet and smooth food, people generally called "chicken rice". In fact, chicken rice stall main popular casual meals, dishes are all meat, poultry cooked food. Tiger fish soup is people's favorite fish soup. Essential dishes for every restaurant. Don't miss it. The white burnt sand worm here is shaped like intestines, also known as the sand intestinal worm, living in the beach sand, delicious and tender, better than sea cucumber, shark fin and other seafood, is a specialty of the area. Use a small wooden stick to puncture the abdomen of the sand worm, clean the sand and internal organs in the abdomen, and then repeatedly wash the smooth paste on the surface, with Onions and ginger, and fry quickly with high fire, white as snow, the entrance is crisp and sweet, and retains some bite, which is called rare. Boiled boiled shrimp in boiling water, mix with seasoning and serve. Burning, is to put the material into boiling soup or boiling water to cook. There is no juice, nor fluorescent, mainly to maintain the original taste of the material. The burning time must be short, the heat must be fierce, and the material must be fresh. "White sea shrimp" and "white conch" are all refined delicacies in Cantonese cuisine. The best edible period of salt spring shrimp is from October to April, when the shrimp are not only fat, but also fresh. There are usually two kinds of eating methods: one is steamed or boiled, and then the shell takes the meat into sauce, vinegar and other ingredients to eat, the other is pickled with ginger wine salt, and then put into the oil pot fried, out of the pot is a fresh meat skin crispy "pepper and salt shrimp". You can eat the meat off the shell or chew it together with the shell. Rich in more than 30 kinds of shrimp, famous for prawn. Prawn individual large, meat fat taste, high nutritional value, is one of people's favorite seafood. People eat shrimp is very particular, like to eat live shrimp, eat natural shrimp (people called fishing shrimp), eat white fried shrimp. When they arrived at the restaurant, they first went to the feeding tank to see the shrimp, preferred large prawns or flower prawns, and declared the return of cultured prawns. Why do you want to eat live shrimp? As the saying goes, "Fish, shrimp and crabs stink when they die." Why eat natural shrimp? People have an analogy, natural shrimp and farmed shrimp, like domestic chicken and feed chicken. Why burn it in white? White fried shrimp original sweat, taste fresh, refreshing, crisp and slippery, eat not fire, restaurant owners can not fake. Dead shrimp can not be filled, because the dead shrimp not only taste wrong after burning, but also the head is black; Cultured shrimp can not be filled, cultured shrimp white after the color is bright red, natural shrimp color is lighter, a look is clear. Tip: Eat seafood should not drink beer, kidney and joint damage; Seafood should not be eaten with persimmon, grape, pomegranate, green apple and other fruits, which is easy to stimulate the intestine and cause vomiting; Many northern people are not used to the stimulation of raw seafood, it is best to prepare some digestive drugs; After eating seafood, you can drink a cup of local tea, clear the fire and stomach, comfortable. Beef brisket powder, pork feet powder to beef brisket brother eat beef brisket powder! The most popular snack is beef brisket powder and pork foot powder. But it must be before 12 noon, or it will be gone! A bowl of beef brisket powder or pork foot powder, coupled with a cup of green tea, is the most praised delicious breakfast.