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Four and Haiquan Bay tourism accommodation food guide

2018-02-21 17:36:00

The four scenic spots are located in the mountain, the original of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China - Mount Jiuhua, Mount Emei, the main buildings and attractions of the mountain. The ancient architecture in the scenic area is exquisite, the Buddha sculpture is exquisite and the posture is majestic. "Big Lu bronze bell" can be called a unique. The scenic area will also be built including archway, tallinn, food, business and the year. Haiquan Bay is located in the west of Hong Kong Travel (), covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters, the spring well flowing height of 11 meters, is a rare high-quality seabed. Haiquan Bay Resort is the first "National Tourism and leisure Demonstration Zone" awarded by the state. Haiquan Bay includes Metropark, Mystic Island theme Park, Fisherman's Wharf, Haiquan Bay Dream Theater, Haiquan Bay Health Check, Haiquan Bay Development Training Camp, etc.

Four scenic spots

The four scenic spots are located in the beautiful mountain, along the mountain with a 1:1 ratio to reproduce China's famous four Buddhist mountains - Mount, Mount Jiuhua, Mount Emei, the main buildings and scenic spots of the mountain, the mountain part has been built and open to the public. The ancient architecture in the scenic area is exquisite, the yellow wall of the palace is Daitile, the cornices are turned up, the Buddha sculpture is exquisite and the posture is majestic. Bell tower hanging up to 7000 pounds of "Dalu copper bell" can be called a unique, knock its roar, continuous sound. The whole scenic spot will be built into a garden-style scenic spot including nine functional areas such as archway, Tallinn, food, business and Yi Nian.


Adjacent attractions: Yuanming New Garden Shijingshan International Racing Circuit Baiteng Lake Farmers Resort Baojing Bay Cliff stone carving painting Yumeixi Archway Four major tourist scenic spots Wailingding Island Pearl Paradise Zhuxian Cave Gaolan Island rock painting Bailian Cave Jiuzhou City Jiuzhou Island Dream Qiao Island ancient ruins Fisherman's Girl Stone Tangjia Paradise Martyrs Cemetery


Access: Take the bus station to the mountain (terminus), walk 111 meters; By bus: Bus No. 6, 31, 40, 42 to Shangchong Checkpoint and transfer to bus No. 41 direct.


Ticket information: 30 yuan Opening hours: 8:30 to 17:30 END

Sea Springs Bay Resort


Haiquan Bay Resort consists of ten products, such as rare ocean theater, health examination with first-class equipment and star service, sports club for Haiquan Bay (6 photos), development training camp for building elite teams, Caribbean coast with romantic South American style, and designated golf course for high-end leisure sports projects. It is the most comprehensive large-scale tourism and leisure resort in China. In 2008, Haiquan Bay Resort launched a new "Haiquan Bay leisure fishing Area" and "National self-driving camp" projects. In the summer, the new original large-scale music, dance, poetry and painting "Memory of the Sea", performed by a well-known director and 200 Chinese and foreign actors and actresses, was also grandly staged. From the deep sea of the ocean, clear and transparent, the water temperature is maintained at 78 to 83 ° C all year round, the spring well spray up to 11 meters, is a rare sodium chloride spring, rich in more than 30 kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body, with good health care effects such as slim body, skin beauty, blood circulation. Located in the central axis of Haiquan Bay, the ocean is built on the natural ocean and adjacent to the sea. It is composed of more than 80 pools with different shapes and functions and more than 10 kinds of sweating facilities distributed inside and outside, covering the rich and colorful bathing culture of ancient and modern China and abroad. The new ocean garden launched in the second phase enables tourists to have a richer bathing experience through various kinds of Chinese herbs, essential oils, milk, coffee and other styles of bathing.


Transportation: Bus: S line: (Tangjia Station --) Yangming Square -- Jiuzhou City -- Jiuzhou Port -- Gongbei Port (before 22:15 in the negative second floor North China Travel Service bus Station, after 22:15 in front of Shijingshan Travel Agency next to Jinye Wine) -- Haiquan Bay. Line N: Bus station -- Sports West Gate -- Qianshan Vitality Wine -- Nanwan International Wine -- Haiquan Bay. Drive: couples are middle - > south road - > arch mouth - > wan chai - > nanping - > avenue - > middle road walk straight along the ocean - > pingsha - > sign arrived in the ocean. Yingbin North Road -> Banzhangshan Tunnel -> Kyushu Avenue West -> Qianshan Bridge -> Nanping -> Avenue -> Huxin Intersection Go straight -> Pingsha -> Follow the Haiquan Bay sign to Haiquan Bay. MeiHua west road - > sports west - > stone mountain before - > - > port chang road bridge - > nanping - > avenue - > middle road walk straight along the ocean - > pingsha - > sign arrived in the ocean. Ticket information: The price of the door is 168 yuan; Membership is 150 yuan. 1.1m-1.4m children 80 yuan/person; Free under 1.1M. Opening hours: 9:00-02:00 AMEND

Put up

The Metropark Hotel consists of two five-star resorts, conference wine (Neptune Wine, Uranus wine), 12 Mediterranean villas with 22 units and 5 suites on the lake side of the Metropark Hotel. Most of the rooms built on the sea have balconies with views. The hotel has Chinese and Western restaurants, lobby bar, lounge and various multi-functional banquet halls. Conference, exhibition, performance, banquet in one, all kinds of conference hall equipped with advanced video system, simultaneous interpretation system, broadband wireless Internet access and multimedia system, the largest conference hall can accommodate 2300 people, unique Mediterranean style highlights the dignity and luxury. Built on the sea, Haiquan Bay Metropark Wine is designed by many world famous companies such as EDSA, WATG, HBA and WILSON, with a distinct and unique Mediterranean style. It is located on both sides of the holiday axis of Haiquan Bay, the vast expanse to the west, the fisherman's Wharf of the Day Carnival to the east, the mysterious and dynamic amusement park to the north, and the Mediterranean villa group to the south. END


There are many places to go to eat seafood, seafood restaurants into the city. But the Fisherman's Wharf in Wan Chai is a place with unique charm. It's a small, old-fashioned street just across the river from Macau. On both sides of the street are all kinds of seafood stalls with cheap prices. END