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2018-04-04 06:24:00

In general: The tourist attractions worth visiting are divided into three lines: 1, the urban tour line: mainly includes Tujia scenic Park and mountain National Forest Park. Specific can go to the travel website to find specific introduction. 2. Western Route Tour: The Western route tour includes a cave, a village, a lake and a float. This tour line is an old four-A-level tour line, tourism development since 20 years, visitors enduring, is also one of the five boutique tour lines, is the most beautiful, the most exciting, the most entertaining tour line. 3, the source of the core scenic spot: specifically includes Jinzhuxi, Yuan Jiajie, Yangjiajie, Taiwan, Tianzi Mountain, Lao Wu field and other tourist lines, a total of thousands of scenic spots, all play takes four to five days, because the scenery is the same, the general visitors choose the essence of which to play two to three days. The following mainly introduces the core scenic spots of the source: