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From the departure to Dunhuang travel two days guide

2018-03-12 19:12:10

I am an ordinary office worker, taking advantage of the May Day holiday from the departure to have been longing for Dunhuang, Mogao Grottoes, flying sky, singing sand Mountain Crescent Spring, Yadan landform city, now to share my personal feelings and precautions with friends


The weather in Dunhuang is changeable, you need to wear sunglasses, hardshell jackets, short sleeves, umbrellas, gauze scarves


The feeling of cycling around the city is still quite good, like the representative heart of the flying sky, Leiyin Temple and so on


The Dunhuang Grottoes in Mogao are carved into a rock. The murals in the grottoes are well-honed and vivid, as well as a variety of Buddhist sutra stories, mountain scenery, pavilions, architectural paintings, landscape paintings, flower patterns, flying Buddha statues, and various scenes of production by working people at that time. They reflect the long history of Dunhuang and the Silk Road. It was 80 yuan when we went


The name of Singing sand Mountain comes from the wind blowing sand singing, it was very windy and very cold that day! I was so excited about my first visit to the desert, and it really was the desert. It was so windy up there, it felt like people were being blown downhill. Crescent Spring, known as manwell in ancient times and medicine Spring in common name, has been one of the "eight landscapes of Dunhuang" since the Han Dynasty. When we went, the water was green, known as the "first spring in the desert".


Yadan landform into a wonder, the first scenic spot - golden lion welcome guests


The distance is too far, can only use binoculars to see, this Yadan is particularly like a yurt


At first glance, the West Sea Fleet, the last scenic spot in Yadan, really looks like a fleet, neatly arranged, the golden Yadan and the dark black sandstone form a sharp contrast


At 8 o 'clock, I watched the sunset, and the trip came to a successful end. This time the temperature is a little low, it is better to add a thicker coat

Matters needing attention

If you are interested in entering the Mogao Grottoes, prepare a flashlight yourself, because no photos are allowed inside, only the guide has a flashlight, and tourists want to see other places