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Front windshield how to remove the small white spot

2018-05-12 06:24:51

My car suddenly before the windshield FRP with a lot of not white points, love dearly dead, then how to deal with it, there is no best way to deal with it. There is no need to worry, first calmly find the reason, and then find a way, if you do not dare to do it yourself, directly sent to 4S, let a professional soil treatment.


To understand the reason, we must first understand what caused it, some are dust on the road, some are rain and dust, some are small stones hit, and some are hard metal objects hit. There are many reasons for this, and you only have to try to remember it yourself, or observe it mindfully to deal with it.


As soon as it is discovered, it should be dealt with as soon as possible, or the longer it is, the harder it will be to deal with it. For a long time, the darker the color, the more it permeates into the glass steel, and the small problem has become a big thing. After a long time, what caused it is also forgotten, it is more difficult to find the reason, and can only be sent to 4S to pay for it.


The way to deal with different situations is different. If it is only caused by rain, plus dust on the road, it is easy to do, use a bucket and towel loaded with water and detergent together, wash it first, if there is no need, if it is stained for a long time, it is more difficult to wash, it is necessary to play detergent, after a minute or two and then wipe it with a cloth, and then wash it, it is perfect.


Dab the toothpaste on a clean cloth and apply a lot of force to the white spots. If it's not a sharp object, it's just trash. It can be cleaned and won't hurt your car.


For those who are hurt more badly, it is impossible to wash them clean, just add a layer of paint, and the same color as the glass. Of course, these need to be fixed by the car.


If you really can't think of a good way to repair, you can directly open to repair, after all, people are professional, tools are more complete than you, materials are more, and methods are correct.

Matters needing attention

It is necessary to understand the cause in order to use the right method. It is best to be dealt with by repair, after all, they are not familiar with the line.