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Game design professional introduction

2018-03-04 00:00:00

What is game design? Game design, or game planning, is the process of designing content and rules for a game. Good game design is the process of creating goals that excite players to play through the game, and rules that players follow to make meaningful decisions in pursuing those goals. Game production is a technology that relies on digital technology, networking technology and information technology to transform and innovate media from form to content, covering graphics, images, animation, sound, multimedia and other technologies and art design disciplines, and is the integration and sublimation of technology and art. Since China decided to vigorously develop the cultural industry from the 16th National Congress, China's game market continues to expand the scale, in 2001, China's network game market size of 310 million yuan, In the following years, the data were 910 million yuan in 2002, 1.32 billion yuan in 2003, 2.47 billion yuan in 2004, 6.1 billion yuan in 2005, 6.54 billion yuan in 2006, 10.57 billion yuan in 2007, 18.38 billion yuan in 2008, 32.37 billion yuan in 2010, and 42.85 billion yuan in 2011. According to the statistics of the online game branch of the municipal software Industry Association, there are more than 30 million game players at present, but there are only about 10,000 professional game technicians including art editors, and game software design and development talents have become hot. Different development directions of Game design major Game program Development direction, Game planning, Game operation, Game art Game design Course introduction The main course system is: game planning basis, game structure design, game modeling basis, game color basis, game props production, game environment production, game character production. The main process of creating a game character and scene is: original painting creation, modeling, material, lighting and rendering, bone setting, animation, special effects and other parts. In view of this process, the famous animation and game talent training institution Siwei Dream Workshop MAEC course is a high-end animation practical training course system tailored for game and animation lovers. MAEC represents four important application aspects in the Animation production process, M stands for Modeling, A stands for animation, E stands for Effects, and C stands for Compositing. MAEC general course for students with poor foundation, MAEC B module (basic) has been strengthened to a certain degree, the learning process will involve the four professional modules of MAEC, in the process of learning to guide the interest of students and employment direction.