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Gap of ceramic permeable brick

2018-04-28 14:24:02

The gap of ceramic permeable brick refers to the sum of the gap on both sides of the punch entering the lower die. It is related to the material, plate thickness and stamping process, the selection of appropriate brick gap, can have good punching quality, reduce burr and collapse, keep the sheet flat, effectively prevent the material, so as to the service life of the brick. The following is an introduction to its gap:


After checking the situation of stamping waste, it can be judged whether the clearance of porcelain permeable brick is suitable. If the gap is too large, the waste will appear rough undulating fracture surface and small bright surface. The larger the gap, the greater the Angle between the fracture surface and the bright surface, and the rolling and fracture will be formed when punching, and a thin edge protrusion will appear. On the contrary, if the gap is too small, the waste will appear a small Angle fracture surface and a large bright surface.


When slotting, step punching, shearing and other local stamping, the lateral force will deflect the punch and cause the unilateral gap to be too small, and sometimes the edge deviation is too large to scratch the lower die, resulting in rapid wear of the upper and lower die.


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