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Gas water heater ignition is not normal how to do? How to check?

2018-04-08 19:12:17

The ignition of the water heater is not normal, first check whether the power interface is off, the electromagnetic valve is faulty, whether the battery is out of power, whether the home is stopped and so on. Check one by one, finally determine the ignition fault, and then find workers to repair.


Gas water heater, battery, electrical tape


First, the battery is out of power ordinary household gas water heater, there is a battery box at the bottom. After three or five months of use, the battery may be exhausted (note: newly bought batteries sometimes run out of power in less than two months). So when the ignition does not burn, do not worry, calm down and replace two new No. 1 batteries, and try again.


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Third, the solenoid valve does not ignite the water heater will hear the sound of clicking. If there is no such sound, it is obvious that the solenoid valve is broken. At this time, pay attention to close the intake valve and be careful not to leak. Report the fault of the water heater again.


There are some gas water heaters, and the battery box is at the bottom of it. For a long time, the box is not tightly closed, and the battery is not in good contact. Tighten the knobs of the box as tightly as possible. If it is not tight, you can temporarily wrap it with electrical tape, and then find an opportunity to ask workers to repair it.


The flue is not installed correctly. If the flue of the water heater is distorted and blocked, it may also cause abnormal ignition. For safety reasons, the flue must be checked frequently to allow it to exhaust smoothly. Make sure your mouth is out of the kitchen and bathroom Windows.


Six, check whether the intake valve is connected to the wrong gas gas water heater is natural gas, do not mistakenly put liquefied gas into. Installation must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual gas, to avoid safety accidents.


7. Timely replacement of old valves, air valves and water valves. If the surface is corroded for a long time, be careful to cause leakage. If the ignition is small, it is afraid of igniting a fire outside, or leaking gas to cause poisoning.