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Gigabyte video card overclocking tutorial

2018-03-22 16:00:02

One-button overclocking this term believes that for the current players are not unfamiliar, more home has launched a one-button overclocking software for their own products, of course, there are some home will one-button overclocking button directly added to the motherboard or graphics card itself, players only need to press a button, you can achieve the hardware overclocking, Let the CPU or graphics card run at a higher frequency, so that the player gets more powerful performance.


Gigabyte EasyTune


Gigabyte overclocked graphics card


You can go to the official website to download the relevant software for one-click overclocking, first you need to install the APP Center, and then install Easy Tune software, you can be overclocking for the processor, the overclocking process is very simple, the author explains to you in the way of a picture. Players can overclock by clicking the button directly, with the specific frequency marked at the top right of each button


You need to install the Gigabyte APP Center first, then install the Easy Tune software, you can overclock for the processor, the overclocking process is very simple. Click Auto overclocking and the Start button appears

Method/Step 2

It can be seen that Gigabyte's Easy Tune software function is still very powerful, players can directly through this software for processor overclocking, so that players can get more powerful performance, players can directly through the software Settings for overclocking, but here the author is more simple players choose the last option, Automatic overclocking is used to carry out the overclocking operation of the whole machine, because in the process of automatic overclocking, the software will test the stability of the hardware one by one frequency and finally determine the overclocking frequency. However, blue screen may occur during the overclocking period. When the whole machine is unstable, the software will stop the screen, and then the player can remember the option Ratio and record it by himself. When Ratio reaches this number next time, players can press Stop Autotuning at the lower right corner of the software interface, and a dialog box will pop up. Whether to save the current Settings, click Yes, and the overclocking will be completed.


The one-click overclocking of the graphics card is currently only limited to the home of the one-click overclocking software and the one-click overclocking button of the graphics card, I now do not have such a design with the GTX760 graphics card, but the overclocking of the graphics card is relatively simple compared to the processor and memory, there is no other two hardware so cumbersome, and it can be easily set in the desktop. Later, we will use the OC Guru II video card overclocking software to explain the overclocking. Stability tests are performed on each frequency until the system becomes unstable

Matters needing attention

Video card overclocking requires a good power supply


Overclocking tends to make the graphics card unstable