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Girlfriend always inexplicably angry how to do?

2018-04-10 22:24:53

A woman in love is like the weather, always uncertain, love crying love laughing and love making, which makes the boyfriend around him powerless to resist, always feel that the other party is inexplicable, inexplicable happiness, inexplicable anger, mood capricious, let a person confused, if accompanied by your side is such a easy anger girlfriend how to do it, It doesn't matter if this heart teaches you how to read your girlfriend's mind, so that you know that her mind is not slowly difficult to guess.


One thing you need to know is that men and women think differently, the way men think is very simple, that is, the shortest line between two points, the way girls think is different, she will start from a point, many circles, several turns to get to that point, so the same thing do you think you will be the same, Women will always complicate simple problems, this is the nature of all women, so you must know this, you will not feel that women are inexplicable, gender.


Most of the time, when we feel that the other party is unreasonable and annoying, most of us are now looking at this matter from our own perspective, what you don't care about may often be the point that the other party cares about, so when you put yourself in the other person's shoes, you may understand, in fact, if it is you, you may also care about it, so immediately deny your lover, after thinking about it, It might be different if we talk again.


There is a point as a woman I also have to admit, in fact, a woman in love is a little, women are born with emotion, especially when in love always hope that they are a princess, hope that the other party can spoil themselves, sometimes they also know that they are in a temper, but how to do, he has such a need in love, you are her boyfriend, she does not do with you, Do you want her to do it with someone else? Because if she does, you'll be green.


In our work, we hope that we can get the attention and recognition of the leader in the team, so that we can feel the sense of existence in this group. Similarly, in the eyes of women, only when you and her exist in this group, she wants more attention and recognition, and she can feel the sense of existence. Once she does not feel the sense of existence in you, she will be angry. At this time you will feel that she is really inexplicable, in fact, anything happens always for a reason, just this reason you can not find and feel it.


Once you find that your girlfriend is inexplicably angry, you don't have any reason, only one word that is to coax, she needs is this, all kinds of fancy coax, coax people you always will, your girlfriend what temper you must be very clear, the right medicine to coax, ensure that she will not angry, in front of also said, is to you to pay more attention to her, not really want to quarrel with you. To put it bluntly, a woman's anger is mostly coaxed.


Sometimes really do not blame women, some men are also some of their own, always do some women hate things, with a girlfriend like a central air conditioner, warm this cover that, know that girlfriend hates the smell of smoke, but also smoke hard, know that girlfriend hates him to come back late, but also with friends until midnight, on this kind of woman if not angry that is really a problem, The key is that men do not know that this is a problem, but also feel that the other party is unreasonable, you are not adding fuel to the fire, so prevention is the king, do not do things that make the other party angry.


Sometimes men actually try to make women reasonable, this I laughed, in love, there is no reason in women, only you love me and you do not love me two answers, there is no third choice, reasonable? What is the reason? If you want to try to reason with your own woman, it is really looking for trouble, you are debating but the girls, it is clearly in contradiction for you to come back very late, in the end you will find that you are discussing is not the problem of your derailment, so you also want to talk to women, they will use a rich sixth sense to make you completely. In the end, you don't even know what you're talking about.