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Go to Chaoshan Island and how should play? Here to tell you!

2018-03-25 00:00:10

The city is also called "Gobian City", located in the east of the province, on the verge of, located in the Hanjiang, Lianjiang, known as the "gateway, South China" the good name, is the only city in mainland China with an inland sea city. Although the summer is high temperature and less heat, often hit by typhoons; Autumn is cool and dry, the weather is sunny, winter is not severe, but there are short-term cold.

The first day

Take a nap to wake up naturally, and choose City walk in the afternoon.


On this day, you can visit the Han Yu Memorial Hall, Guangji Bridge, Guangji Gate Tower, Pai Fang Street, Kaiyuan Temple, Xu Emperor's Palace, the park, and all the scenic spots can be visited in about an hour


The local people will lead you to experience the production of hand-pulled pot, learn to brew Chaoshan Congou tea, watch the performance of Chaoshan opera, and go to a variety of simple understanding of Chaoshan intangible heritage works.

The second day

In the morning, you can walk the ancient village, and at noon, you can make hand made kueh and tide dim sum with the locals.


In the afternoon, take a walk in the district and explore Chaoshan University of Higher Learning.

On the third day

Experience the scenery in a different way throughout the day, punch card Bridge, conch Rock, sea fishing village, viewing promenade, Tsing O Bay, windmill and other attractions.


It should be noted that it is the hottest from mid-July to early August here, with a temperature of 35℃-38℃. April to May and September to October each year is the best time to travel, at this time, the temperature is suitable, very suitable for travel.

Matters needing attention

The above travel guide oh, it is best to adjust the corresponding itinerary according to their own needs! I hope you all enjoy your stay here!