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Good looking modern romance novel recommended

2018-03-12 16:00:34

Campus city romance, relaxed and funny


Who are you, husband? Twenty-four, unblossomed, blinked into twenty-eight... 'Who are you, Sir? "Your husband." "Come on, it's like we've never met..." "! "......" "!!" "... ..." Wake up and be a mom! Summary: It is the story of a 24-year-old who still has a hard love for others, and the result of a stereotypical car accident after traveling to the 28-year-old himself and then finding that he has a husband and children have a successful career and a secret lover kneels to propose his dream come true.


Waiting for a cup of hot milk tea on a cold night, Xiao Hua wandered around the township office. With the heat on his lips and the hot milk tea curling up in his hands, one stopped and saw the melancholy boy waiting for the angel. Later Xiaohua got a bad cold, she braved the drizzle, burning confused when he met Huang Zijie, he accidentally hurt Xiaohua hit a head full of bags, two people parted. After several encounters, Xiao Hua was curious about Ah Man and the angel he loved. At the same time, she is aware of Huang Zijie careless outlook on life, think he is hopeless, then, she found this cynical Huang Zijie has a more fragile heart than anyone else, unconsciously, she is more and more concerned about Huang Zijie.


Cup queen five years ago, young tender feelings but hate like the sea, in order to revenge, he let her family broke down, destroy all her faith in love, five years later, the vast sea of people meet again, young past also into ashes, her side has stood a waiting for her for many years Zhuo Zhengyang, anyone may hurt her, but he will not, however, put down the past how difficult, In the face of Qin Ran death entanglement, in the face of Zhuo Zhengyang waiting for ten years, in the face of Qin home and Zhuo home step by step obstruction..... Past love and hate, re-staged, she can bid farewell to the hurt, with his life warmth?


Abdominal black two little Lin Jia: S big top students, orphans, because of the framing of classmates, the soul to wear to the same generation of a spoiled, arrogant and domineering rich miss Ji Yan body, began a different life. Ji Xuan: Ji Yan's brother, gentle business genius, "love" sister into crazy neurotic brother, one of the four blue chip stocks. Nangong Cold: Ji Yan's fiance, indifferent, hate women, extremely loathe Ji Yan, one of the four blue chip stocks. Ling: A fox, duplicative business giant, one of the four blue chip stocks. Han Mingxi: A genius doctor, a playboy, one of the four blue chip stocks. Yin: Ji Yan's good friend, likes Ji Xuan. Muyun: Ji Yan's good friend, fierce and cute. Fan Ying: Ji Yan's enemy, a bad woman. Su Ningyan, like Han Mingxi.


Blooming there is one thing, Liang Feifan did not tell anyone: that day, he met Gu Yan in the Gu home that day, she was dressed in white and black hair, Sprite like into his arms. He heard God in his ear at that instant -- look! Liang Fei Fan, this is the rib I took from you. A proud, unscrupulous gangster, walking between black and white, living by his own rules. -- Let it go or get it. But how can I let go of a woman I can't have? A random girl, no ideal no pursuit, but in the bottom of my heart to insist on their love and hate. A person is afraid of loneliness, two people, afraid of living up to. Young lover, indifferent family, carrying a human life, love and hate entangled pillow person, she walked in the wind and rain of life while love.


GaGa a bad u disk, plus a rogue boss, plus a standard rotten woman, constitute a "dog blood" event, and this seems to be a "dog blood" event, and achieved a people can not help but be amused love story. Look at the people's laugh of the rotten woman love life record, learn the best workplace, love field "attack by" guide, a book in hand, happy can not stop! Slogan: Some year some month some day, an unlucky U disk was forced to "come out of the closet" when the standard "rotten woman" met a rogue boss, detour or side by side? The history of the first encyclopedic style of women's explosive life record in the workplace, the best "attack" field guide


The physical version was renamed "Belly Black BOSS, You don't Escape!" Fairy tale version - Xiao Yi picked up a gentle and pure white rabbit at a blind date, so he took home the pet of the small white rabbit, the bigger the white rabbit, the more naughty, and finally one day, the small white rabbit became a tigress. The real version - The first time Nono went on a blind date, he was embarrassed by his luck. Her blind date turned out to be her own big BOSS, and what she did not expect was that from this day on, the balance of fate has begun to tilt slightly... Summary version - This is an intention to develop a small white rabbit, the big bad Wolf, the warm story of being developed


There is a kind of breakdown in this world where a boyfriend is pried away by his best friend. He Xinmei scratched the wall and, as always, hugged the thigh of teacher Song of "brick called beast" and cried! In fact, there is a kind of love in this world called long waiting. But break what Xinmei head she also do not understand, this is both her family friend and teacher or friend Song teacher, why decades to tease bullying her for the fun of life. Until one day, they have sex... Failed! She just found out this guy's been after her for years! When the little monster tries to turn Ultraman on the road of happiness, who is it that wants to pry the hero away? Becauseofyou,Iforgetthesmartwaystolie.Becauseofyou,I’mrunningthereasonstocry.