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Good romance novel recommended

2018-03-12 17:36:48

And the white rabbit, running east and west, people are not as new, clothes are not as old.


Suddenly like a night disease Jiao to author: Romantic book stay novel introduction: two families hold the wrong child, a business, a family house, the status is very different. Yu Xiang unfortunately became a merchant woman who was carried to the marquis's house, and his life was exposed as soon as he came, his legs were disabled, and he had the title of "lost Door Star" on his head. Helpless under had to firmly hold the thigh of the marquis brother, the first to mix the days, and so on is the master back on the ma slip to give way. After a few years is the return of the master, Yu Xiang baggage money ready to leave, but found that the technology of holding the thigh is too professional, the marquis brother does not let go! The duke smiled at the wine: How can a child bride raised by a thousand Jiaojiao million pets go? Female master disease jiao, false brother and sister, sweet pet text.


Concubines this occupation author: under the moon butterfly film novel introduction: As a qualified concubines is the need for professional ethics. In fact, concubines are a good job, and the emperor eats and drinks with him and gives him money, why not? This is a passage through the text, but the routine is not the same, not a pair of people, the male master declared the emperor, the female master finally became the concubine, also considered the harem alone, but unexpectedly good looking. If you don't want to see the same text, you can have a look. Pure palace fighting ancient words.


Palace fighting is not as good as keeping a dog Author: romantic book stay novel introduction: "dog emperor" is "shield" pet concubine adoption, following behind the pet concubine to experience all kinds of cruel palace fighting and find true love process. From the dog's point of view to see their own concubines and princes, the original gentle and sweet interpretation of the flower behind the scenes is cannibal flowers, filial piety know ritual, smart and lovely princes and princesses will soon become demons, the process of various subverts all kinds of disillusionment! But God bless, the dog emperor with a good master of the healing department, although the process is a little difficult, the end is happy. The dog emperor will be restored. Brief comment: This is not the orthodox Gong dou article, love will have, special pet will also have. Only torture the emperor's body and mind, not the mistress.


Wind jealous peach blossom author: Green shirt smoke rain novel introduction: Peach Bao er is a small peach demon, one day by the villagers as a sacrifice, sent to a zombie wrapped in bandages. This zombie probably likes white love clean, as soon as he met her, he took off her outer coat, and when only white inner coat was left, he put her on the white fur as snow. Probably keep her as a pet, to be fattened, you can eat...... When I hold the sword in my hand, I am not a Taobao, but the only descendant of Baiye Shang Xian in Huaqingchi. Chu inflammation, dare to fight? Brief comment: The heroine just began to be mistaken, take back to open wisdom into people, like ignorant children when the pet, but was banished overnight, hurriedly fled to the world, was caught by the villagers to give zombies. With the zombie day and night, fate twists and turns, she became a fairy from ignorant children, met the right person on the way, and he spent the next years hand in hand.