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Guandong cook human story guide

2018-03-04 22:24:00

The game revolves around a Kanto cook cooked by an uncle (the player) on the side of the road, and the visits of multiple guests bring their complaints about their lives and their own unique stories. What players need to do is to sell different Kanto cooking to attract different customers, patiently listen to their complaints, understand their different experiences, and finally discover a hidden story. Divided into HE and BE


Install the game "Kanto Cook Human Story"


First of all, each character likes the Kanto cook is not the same, at the beginning there are only three, but you can first attract a group of guests, each time there will be three guests, with the continuous increase of money, the type of Kanto cook will gradually unlock, after more than 100,000, each increase of 100,000 to unlock a Kanto cook, in fact, do not worry, make money very quickly.


Branch will not affect the outcome, so brush brush after brush at will, branch characters: director, new members, young people, strong woman's wife, aunts, night demons, motivated young people.


HE: Main characters: useless old man, girl, housewife, girl with thin sense of existence, confused office worker. The early useless old man and the girl's complaint is not brush all, need to clear the other three people's complete, which the existence of a thin girl will only appear alone, it is recommended to choose Kanto cook is only choose her favorite to single brush. The main character clearance order is very important: housewife, the existence of a thin girl, the mystery of office workers, useless old man, girl.


BE: If you don't follow the sequence of his level, without the key hints of the housewife and the thin existence of the girl, the useless old man can not carry out his mission (not to reveal the plot, not to say what), then the end is that the obsessed office worker will kill the useless old man, the girl, the housewife and the main father.

Matters needing attention

When full of breath holding bubbles, it is recommended to "slide" to collect bubbles faster


When the supplementary Guanto is cooked, as long as the supplement is replaced with all to be added, not without the same only add the same, pay attention!