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Haier super clean washing machine how to use

2018-04-21 19:12:02

The basic steps to use Haier ultra-clean washing machine are as follows:


1. Preparation: Ensure that the washing machine is connected to the power supply and water source, and ensure that the washing machine is placed on a smooth ground.


2. Sorting clothes: The clothes to be washed are sorted and sorted according to the colors, materials and instructions on the washing label.


3. Add clothes: Open the lid of the washing machine or open the door of the washing machine, and put the prepared clothes into the inner liner of the washing machine one by one. Please be careful not to exceed the maximum load of the washing machine.


4. Add detergent: According to the dirt level of the clothes and the type of detergent, add the appropriate amount of detergent according to the instructions on the washing machine, which can be powder, liquid or laundry soap.


5. Set the washing procedure: according to the material and needs of the clothing, choose the appropriate washing procedure. Haier ultra-clean washing machines are usually equipped with multiple preset programs, such as standard washing, fast washing, wool, mixing, rinsing, etc. Choosing the right procedure can protect the clothes and get the best washing results.


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7. Start the washing machine: After confirming the Settings, press the start button or rotate the control button to start the washing machine and start the washing process.


8. Clean and air the clothes: After washing, remove the clothes and air, dry or iron them as needed.


Please note that the above steps may vary depending on the model and function of the washing machine. It is recommended that you read the user manual or operation guide of the washing machine carefully to ensure the correct and safe use of Haier Ultra-clean washing machine.