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[Hairbrush makeup selling cute ~] の sexy little wild cat

2018-02-16 00:00:00

The comb specially prepared two different flavors of cat makeup for different tastes of girls. The left side of the cat makeup is more heavy, ha ha, and the painting is more exaggerated. Personality girls may buy~ the kitten on the right side, which is more suitable for gentle cute girls ~ You cats, take your seat! First to the heavy taste of the bar ~ Cosmetic pupil is a must, ha ha ~ making the cat's mysterious double pupil is the key comb pain cut love, the long long thick eyebrow cut off the brow part of the hope can be added to the charm of the cat ~ thoughtful ~ Then is the bottom makeup, still the latest favorite of the comb ~MAX's foundation cream and EDM flat head brush, Blow play can be broken to bottom makeup, the easier part and then put the eyebrow end complete ~ eyebrow peak position slightly tall the first thing to do is open a canthus and improve eye end, SLEEK pearl eyeliner in addition to the pupil below, under the eyes must draw down ~ the inner eye brighten, eye end part as far as possible improve ~ it was a bit of the cat's eye? Then is to trace the eyeliner ~KATE's eyeliner cream before the Macau defeat, very useful, cost-effective ~ eyeliner at the end of the eye, remember to fill the small triangle of the outer corner of the eye oh ~ the lower eyeliner is painted on the outside of the highlight, so that the eye is double enlarged? Meooooow? Finally, we can paste the eye tail plus long false eyelashes, so that the cat's eye is more charming, the lower eyelashes are also necessary to slowly adjust the best Angle only paste half oh! Finally, in the brow bone and nose bone, as well as the sides of the nose also highlight the cat's facial outline, the comb is used as a small Xin Jia concealer lip gloss two pens are very useful, not only can be used as a concealer, but also as a variety of highlights and the effect is very natural ~ After the highlight on both sides of the nose, it is not white enough to remember to use white eyeshadow to draw the cat's long beard! Finish with a light lip gloss. Use a caramelized lip gloss on the comb to make it look more like a cat. Use brown or black eyeliner to line the cat's lips on the heart. Want to see it? Want to see it? Dear, meow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ haha, the cat that the comb raised before, the most favorite is to make this expression drop, and then a long hair version, black ears ~ sexy little ah? Hope you enjoyed meow ~~~~~~~~~