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[Have] a nice meal after work - Eeun Hwajeong Korean food

2018-03-20 22:24:27

At 6 a.m. it was dawn, the road was dark, and the top of the floor was gray where it joined the sky. Taxis with their headlights on, and the occasional lighted window in the building, are early risers. The city is very quiet, but there is strength, and when the sun rises, it will usher in a new day! The South station is really beautiful, and the service facilities are no less than the airport. I am very excited to travel by the Hexie for the first time. The taxi driver is very interesting, chatting with me casually, getting off the bus said to pay attention to the body on a business trip, in this slightly cold morning such a greeting is really warm. I know it will be a wonderful day. The taxi drivers are very good service, polite, will chat with you, you can tell that they love their city. Taiwan road love guest wine, this brand is their own, there are many home points in the local. The room is spacious, about 100 meters away from the sea, and very quiet. Now is the weak period, the price of more than 200 is not expensive. At night, I go to the beach to eat Korean barbecue, in the Dong Road, the floor-to-ceiling Windows face the sea, because it is dark outside at night. The boss of the park and the pavilion is a Korean, the general manager is a Korean, and the sense of service is very good. The food is really good. Busy eating, just shot a few dishes. This is a spring fish, wrapped in nori. This does not know what is roasted, I did not remember several kinds of meat, there seems to be a green tea fat cow? This dish is really delicious, Spanish mackerel spicy cabbage hot pot. Let's eat! Where there is life, there is work... I told the boss that. Hehe... Other dishes: Xiaoche Dessert 100 Yuan Burger -- Let'sBurger star restaurant -- Get Xiaodian Gaori Dynasty Hot pot Su Zhe Hui Tea buffet Lunch Xidan Grand Mercure V9 Western Food buffet Wild Sanpo Roast lamb, fried scorpion Hong Kong Authentic food -- Herbal Workshop Jingshen Seafood Market Bamboo Fish Workshop Oyster Wings