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Healthy anti-fall 8 types of leak-proof thermos cup selection

2018-04-22 01:36:32

Healthy anti-fall 8 types of leak-proof thermos cup selection

Lock-lock stainless steel thermos cup

Stylish and beautiful appearance, stainless steel liner design, health and safety, let you use more assured. At the same time with fashion design, beautiful, highlight the quality of life. END


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Subor vacuum cup

Double-layer vacuum technology design, choose double-layer vacuum technology design, good thermal insulation effect, to provide you with hot water for a long time. At the same time with the appearance of Jiqing design, fashion and elegant, highlighting the atmosphere. END

Food magic master portable thermos cup

Simple and elegant appearance, the selection of 304 imported stainless steel liner, safe and assured, to bring you healthy drinking water. At the same time with a simple appearance design, fashion elegant, highlighting the style. END

Po portable tea separation thermos cup

Small appearance is easy to carry, the choice of tea separation design, you can easily control the shade of tea. At the same time with a small appearance design, easy and portable, more convenient to use. END

Zi Ma Pu stainless steel vacuum cup

360 degree all-round leak-proof design, the selection of warm and cold design, to meet the needs of modern use. At the same time, 360-degree all-round leak-proof design is selected, which can be placed freely and does not need to worry about water leakage. END

Image printing vacuum stainless steel thermos cup

Anti-stick coating inner container design, the use of anti-stick coating inner container design, health and safety, easy to clean. At the same time with the craftsmanship, exquisite and beautiful, improve the product grade. END

Aspen thermos cup with elastic lid

One click to open the design is simple to operate, the use of silicone sealing ring design, lasting heat preservation, to bring you a new experience. At the same time, the design of one-key pop-up is selected, which is simple to operate and convenient to use. END

zippo stainless steel insulated cup

Silenced floor mat design anti-slip wear resistance, selection of thin inner liner design, light and portable, let you drink hot water anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the design of the silenced floor mat is selected, which has good anti-slip effect and durable wear resistance. END