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Help you Shenka second batch of four positions, friends get quickly

2018-05-09 03:12:37

When you apply for a credit card, you need to fill in the personal application form, which contains a lot of personal information, involving many aspects, including marital status, income status, unit, position, real estate and other real estate, etc., you also need to fill in the family fixed-line and unit fixed-line. Filling out the application form is key, so don't fill it out. Truthfully and completely fill in, and you can calmly deal with the bank staff when they do a return visit. The bank will investigate the personal information that users fill in. However, the bank will not conduct a survey of all information on all users, but will conduct spot checks. If the information provided by the applicant is inconsistent with the information verified by the bank, it will be identified by the bank as "customer information is inconsistent with the facts." Note: Home address, work unit, person and other information is not provided or not detailed, may be rejected. A lot of kids are worried about housing. No house. Just fill in a fixed one you're familiar with. The fixed hometown, relatives and friends can be fixed. Or you can try to fill it out. The bank generally will not call the home, only to your review your credit, to understand whether there is you this person. Under normal circumstances, as long as the customer does not default on the repayment on time, the bank generally will not call the house, so you want to apply for a credit card friends do not have to worry too much about this, try to improve other application proof materials, the probability of success is still very large.


Position 2: When the work unit can confirm the credit card application, one of the most important information is the applicant's work unit and position, because this is related to whether the applicant has a continuous source of income, usually the bank will call the applicant to check whether the unit has an applicant and whether the position is the same. It will also check whether the enterprise is officially registered through other channels. Generally, banks require applicants to have a stable job and income source, and banks will strictly review applicants who are not stable in some industries, such as wholesale, personal, direct selling, entertainment, catering, security and freelance work. If the applicant is a practitioner in the above industries, then the applicant may be rejected.


A credit card is an unsecured credit loan issued by the bank to the cardholder, with a certain risk of default. If the cardholder does not repay the credit card on time, the issuing bank will call for payment. If the applicant does not have a bank issuing point, then it is not convenient for the bank to call the arrears, so the bank usually refuses to approve the applicant if there is no issuing point in the applicant's place of residence or work.


The credit card applicant must have a good personal credit history, if there is a history of late payment with the card, even if only once, it is difficult to get a credit card again. If you're late more than once, you're basically done with credit cards. Many applicants do not know their personal credit status, until they have been rejected by the bank for credit cards many times before they know that they have a bad record. It is recommended that applicants who are often rejected by banks should check their personal credit report to see if there is nothing wrong with their credit history. Have you ever found yourself in the wrong position? Let's get in position for another round!