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Hero Harpy's all-round guide detailed explanation

2018-04-16 00:00:10

He is a very dexterous exporter, has a fast moving speed and a long range, good at sneak attack he has a good output. Skills introduction Hobbi equipment introduction Hobbi combat skills: Hobbi is not suitable for hard fighting with the enemy because of the small amount of blood. The passive effect of the second skill can let the hobbit slowly consume each other on the line, and is also the main source of damage for the Hobbit, and the acceleration effect brought by the skill also improves the escape ability of the Hobbit, so we should focus on the second skill, there is a big increase. Harpy's line of thought: Harpy should use ordinary attacks to harass the enemy, decisively give him a toxic touch when the enemy is close to blind him, and then open the two skills to step back, open the distance to facilitate continued output, and fully implement the idea of "the enemy advances, I retreat, the enemy advances, I advance". In addition, when the group battle Hobbi must not first, first plant A mushroom nearby, if the enemy hero is eyeing, run to the mushroom, and then use the deceleration time after the enemy steps on the mushroom to keep a him, if he chased again to put the mushroom. Remember, don't fight hard with the enemy, or you will lose. The best match for Freedom War Harpy with Sacred stones is as follows: Red: Attack speed Blue: Fa-strong Green: Fa-Wear Purple: Armor (Magic Resistance) Why do you want to match sacred stones like this? 1. The red belt attack speed is because Harpy himself needs attack speed to match his poisoning effect. 2, the blue belt law is strong because Hobbit is a mage hero, so it must be strong with a little law. 3, green belt method can improve the output capacity of Harpy in the early stage. 4, purple belt armor (magic resistance) if the mage on the line is recommended to carry magic resistance, if the fighter on the line can carry armor.