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Home computer sewing machine how to give oil

2018-05-11 08:00:55

How to oil a sewing machine Special sewing machine oil must be used. The sewing machine should be fully oil after a day or a few days of continuous use. If refueling is used between uses, the machine should be idled for a turn, so that the oil is fully infiltrated and the excess oil is thrown out, and then the head and the table are wiped clean with a clean soft cloth to avoid dirty sewing material. Then thread and sew the rag, use the movement of the sewing thread to wipe off the excess oil, until there is no oil on the rag, and then the formal sewing.

Refueling parts are:

(1) Each oil hole on the head lubricates the upper shaft and the parts connected to the upper shaft.


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(3) Wipe the moving part of the lower part of the machine and add less oil.


The amount of refueling holes and refueling parts need not be too much, one or two drops on the line.