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Homemade air conditioning fan, waste recycling oh

2018-05-05 14:24:51

Today, bugs teach you to transform air conditioning fans with domestic waste products. The operation is simple and easy to understand, the materials are easy to find, the waste is reused, and the effect is obvious and environmental protection. Let's go


Prepare tools, large bucket, knife, saw, empty water bottle, exhaust fan (small fan also works)


Open an outlet to the bucket, according to the strength of the fan to open the appropriate opening, the mouth is not cool, the mouth is small and the wind will be squeezed out from the fan side, the effect diagram after opening is good, (you have completed 90% of this step)o (∩_∩)o is not very simple


Take the artifact from the refrigerator (the mineral water bottle filled with water has been frozen, the more the effect is better), see all see I think no one will ask me why, the principle is the same as the air conditioner fan with ice on the market


Cover the fan (what type of fan can be oh dear ~ It is recommended that the air volume is large and the effect is good)


Power, I think no one will ask the principle, I only know that the effect of the bar ~ definitely not more than the supermarket inside those hundred to two hundred pieces of air conditioning fan


This page is taken from experience without authorization


Done, these tools are readily available in life, energy saving and environmental protection, simple production, the effect is obvious. In hot summer days, the temper is cooled first. OK! This episode is over.